American Red Cross Shelter Forms

Red Cross provides congregate sheltering services to meet the immediate housing needs of individuals and communities directly impacted by disaster.  Few activities are more central to the core mission of the Red Cross than sheltering those impacted by disaster. Shelters provide a safe and secure place for individuals and families to stay during and after a disaster and the Red Cross brand is widely recognized as a symbol of refuge. 

Multiple agencies manage shelters during a disaster, including Red Cross.  Other agencies may be managing a shelter in cooperation with Red Cross, with or without receiving Red Cross support, or they may be managing a shelter completely independently.   Partner Managed Shelters are managed by partners, following Red Cross principles, in cooperation with the Red Cross.

The shelter materials posted here by the Red Cross are available for use by any agency managing a shelter.

Multilingual Shelter Communication Tool

Shelter Client Welcome Handout

Facility/ Shelter Opening & Closing Inspection

Shelter Shift Inspection

Shelter Inventory

Shelter Client Disclosure Tracking Log

Daily Shelter Report

Shelter Log

Shelter Rapid Needs Recognition Cards

Shelter Referral Log

Visitor sign in/out

Staff sign in/out

Client sign in/out

Shelter Closure Plan

Shelter Opening Plan

Shelter Relocation Plan

Shelter Dormitory Registration

Unaccompanied Minor and Separated Child

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