Multiagency Feeding Support Plan Template (June 2015)

The purpose of this template is to define the framework for State and/or Federal support of a coordinated, timely and efficient feeding response within a jurisdiction. It also defines the full spectrum of services required from initiation until community services are restored. This multi-agency feeding plan along with the coordinating body, the Multiagency Feeding Task Force, has been developed as an integrated strategy and process for implementing coordinated feeding operations at the jurisdictional level. The multi-agency feeding plan will help to limit duplication of efforts and maximize use of available resources.

Household Disaster Feeding Operational Procedure: A State Template

This guidance document assists jurisdictions in the development of a procedures for household disaster feeding. The document outlines procedures for the acquisition, assembly and distribution of food items for household distribution in a disaster within the context of a Multi-Agency Feeding Task Force. The focus stresses coordination and collaboration by the various stakeholders during preparedness, response and recovery.