Household Pets


FEMA Disaster Assistance Policy — Eligible Costs Related to Pet Evacuations and Sheltering

This policy identifies the expenses related to state and local governments’ emergency pet evacuation and sheltering activities that may be eligible for reimbursement following a major disaster or emergency declaration.

NASAAEP Emergency Animal Sheltering Best Practices White Paper

The members of the NASAAEP Sheltering Best Practices Working Group have drafted this white paper as a resource and guide to those who have been tasked with emergency animal sheltering. The  document addresses all aspects of emergency animal sheltering from the planning stages through activation and setting up the shelter, to the daily needs of animals and their caretakers, to the demobilization of the facility and resources, to long-term recovery needs, and include lessons to be learned from experiencing each of these stages.

Pet Sheltering: Building Community Response

This document details the efforts of the American Red Cross in assisting pet owners during disasters.

Developing a Local All Disaster Animal Evacuation and Sheltering Plan

This document provides guidance to assist in the development of a  local all disaster animal evacuation and emergency animal sheltering plan.