New Release: Shelter Field Guide

Shelter Field Guide

The purpose of the Shelter Field Guide is to provide sheltering best practices to faith-based groups, non-profit organizations, government partners, and private industry. The guide was co-developed by the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency with support of a work group that included all levels of government.

The Shelter Field Guide has eight sections that cover the standard activities and tasks which occur during the pre-opening, opening, ongoing, and closing phases of shelter operations. Each section contains information for workers in registration, feeding, dormitory management, health and mental health care, staffing, logistics and shelter management. Additionally, the guide provides position checklists and training outlines for each position so that spontaneous shelter managers can use the guide to train their personnel.

The Shelter Field Guide can be used as a job aid and/or just in time training during a disaster operation.

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Shelter Field Guide FAQ and Ordering Instructions

Print Specifications for the Shelter Field Guide

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  1. Dennis Lewis says:

    I am interested in being one of the instructors for this new training program for our government HHSA/Social Services partners as I’ve been doing this for several years now here in California in the Counties of Tuolumne, Calaveras, Amador & San Joaquin. I also meet the requirements listed for a Shelter Field Guide Instructor.

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