Red Cross Reunification Standards & Procedures

Reunification, a critical Mass Care function, provides human and technological resources to reconnect individuals as quickly as possible following a disaster or incident. Mechanisms include facilitating communication through the Safe and Well website, acting upon urgent requests including unaccompanied minors and separated children, reestablishing contact with family members who have been separated within the disaster area and working with partners to resolve reunification-related inquiries.

The Reunification Standards and Procedures replaces the 2013 Safe and Well Linking Handbook.

Multi-Agency Reunification Services Plan Template

The purpose of the Multi-Agency Reunification Services Plan Template is to supplement a jurisdiction’s Emergency Operations Plan and/or Mass Care Annex and is intended to provide guidance and suggested procedures for a jurisdiction to consider in the development of a Multi-Agency Reunification Services Plan.

Post- Disaster Reunification of Children: A Nationwide Approach (November 2013)

Post-Disaster Reunification of Children: A Nationwide Approach illustrates the significance of whole community collaboration and inclusive emergency planning by providing a comprehensive overview of the coordination processes necessary to reunify children separated from their parents or legal guardians in the event of a large-scale disaster and reflects how the whole community—to include nongovernmental organizations such as Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, faith-based and community organizations, disability and pediatric organizations, Federal and private sector partners, and civic action committees can work together to achieve one wide ranging mission.

Safe and Well

After a disaster, letting your family and friends know that you are safe and well can bring your loved ones great peace of mind. This website is designed to help make that communication easier.


Unaccompanied Minor Registry

The Unaccompanied Minors Registry supports the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) by allowing the public to report information related to children who have been separated from their parents or legal guardians as a result of a disaster. This tool will enable NCMEC to provide assistance to local law enforcement and assist in the reunification of displaced children with their parents or legal guardians.