The National Mass Care Strategy will provide a unified approach to the delivery of mass care services by establishing common goals, fostering inclusive collaborative planning and identifying resource needs to build the national mass care capacity engaging the whole community including under-served and vulnerable populations. The National Mass Care Strategy will focus on:

  • Sheltering (including household pets)
  • Feeding
  • Distribution of emergency supplies
  • Family reunification services
  • Immediate health, emotional and spiritual health services
  • Access to information


During times of emergency and disasters, mass care provides emergency relief and services to the community as a whole. To best address these needs, a National Mass Care Strategy will be developed through a collaborative process led by the American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and under the direction of the National Mass Care Council.

The National Mass Care Strategy shall:

  • Provide a framework to enhance coordination, pool expertise and strengthen response capacity of mass care throughout the nation
  • Establish common goals, foster collaborative planning and identify resource needs to build national mass care capability
  • Provide educational tools and resources
  • Establish common technology, terminology and standards

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